Rest, Reset and Recharge

Nourish Your Mind & Body

9th- 12th September 2021
Yorkshire Dales, UK

For athletes and teams who value pausing and doing the inner work. 

 Press pause on the normal training routine. Join a group of like minded athletes who know the power of taking time to unravel, dig and delve into their inner thoughts.

 Pause for 4 days in the incredibly stunning Broughton Hall Estate. Receive the power of doing the inner work so you achieve more in sport and life. 

 Often we rush from one event, race or match to the next, one season to the next. This is an invitation to PAUSE. This retreat in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales has been specifically designed as a space for athletes to reset, recharge and do the inner work in luxury surroundings.

What's Included

This is not a training camp it is a retreat to rest, restore and refresh your mind and body
Hosted at Broughton Hall Estate.
Nourish your body and mind in beautiful surroundings for 4 days.


Private chef cooking all your meals from local, organic ingredients


Choice of daily activities;explore the trails, lake swimming, yoga, walking.


Daily use of the Utopia Spa: Pool, Sauna, Steam room


4 nights, 4 days of luxury 4* accommodation


Evening activities; outside enchanted dining experience, fire temple, star gazing.


Individual and small group coaching sessions; mindset, belief patterns, intelligent restorative rest, energetics of food.

This retreat is for you if

You want 4 days to slow down and relax in luxury surrounding
You want the time and space to deeply nourish your body, mind and soul
You are looking for personal growth
You know there is more to sport than physical training
You are interested in learning more about mindset, habits,beliefs, training with not against the body, intelligent restorative rest, energetics of food.
You want to eat local organic food cooked by world class private chef
You want to spend time with like minded athletes and coaches

You will leave the athlete retreat feeling:

Excited for the next phase of training and racing
Clear in your goals for the following year
Confident in knowing what training comes next to meet your goals
Positive and focused on where you are going next
Inspired, enthused and motivated


You choose what is right for you. 
A typical guideline: 
Smoothies & hot drinks on waking
Meditation & Journaling
Mindset Activity 1
Relax/ explore
Use of the Spa Facilities

Included over 4 days
1 x 60 minute 1:1 Mindset Coaching Session
4 X 2hr Utopia Spa Session
4 x 30 minute Meditation session
4x 30 minute guided reflection journaling session 
3 x small group mindset coaching sessions
Do I deserve to invest in myself? Can i justify spending money on my health and recovery?

As athlete we spend a lot of money on bikes, trainers, race entry fee’s, travel etc etc

Let's put ourselves ahead of our kit!
I love the sound of this retreat. BUT am i really an "athlete"?

Do you exercise with the aim of getting faster or fitter? Do you consciously consider your food to help you fuel your exercise ? 
Then in my mind you are an athlete

The standard you exercise or compete at is irrelevant, if you think like an athlete, you are one. Come join us.
Why I created the Athlete Retreat?   

I would rush from one race to the next, one season to the next. With my 2 week end of season break taken up with rushing around the country visiting friends, family and catching up on nights out and alcohol. Not exactly the restorative rest my mind and body needed.

When i discovered what real restorative rest meant and how to implement it. My athletic and professional career took off.

I am still a work in progress, i am doing the work along side you. Learning to listen to my body, learning to put what i hear into action and learning what speeds i need to operate at at different times.

How is this retreat bespoke for my needs?

The last 2 seasons have been a challenge. Races cancelled, some postponed once twice and three times. Some people have stayed motivated, doing their own challenges, doing the events that were cancelled on their doorstep.Others decided to stay ont he sofa, maybe gaining weight, losing fitness and motivation. Everyones COVID lock down experiences ahve been totally unique. Therefore this retreat will be what you need, supported by our experienced coaching team.


Suzie Richards

I have been supporting athetes for the last 5 years. I am former World AG Duathlon Champion, Professional Triathlete and now a Specialist Mindset and High Performance Coach supporting athletes to unlock their potential and achieve their sporting dreams.

I am passionate about athlete retreats based on my experiences. After a big race I would feel lost, experience the post race blues and immediately sign up for the next event without pausing. I recognised a gap. Where was the space and time to reflect, to learn from the race and training, to really consider what do i need and desire next?

Athlete retreats provides time and space to really think and pause. Each day we journey using tools and concepts to unravel our habits, sustainability of training alongside work, life and family. I kept repeating the same mistakes because i didn't pause and reset after races. Rest so you avoid struggling with injury season after season, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and move to smart, sustainable, aligned training.

I used the tools and mindset exercises firstly on myself and then with individual athletes i coach. The results amazed me so i include them in the retreats and courses to help more athletes avoid the mistakes i made.
Chef Heather Umlah

Is one of life's beautiful human beings and we are delighted to have her cooking all the meals at the retreat.
Heathers cooking is on a whole new level. Cooked with care, love with the person eating the food at the heart of the cooking process.

Organic, local and in season the food will nurture mind and body.

Once you have tasted Heathers food you will understand why she is an in demand private chef to the rich and famous .
You can find out more about Heather on her website


£500 deposit to reserve your place
Followed by
Option a) £2050 single person in double/king room
Option b) £1750 per person as a couple sharing double/king
Option c) £1750 per person as friends sharing twin room

All options can be paid in full or spread over instalments.

Want to feel you are evolving as an athlete and person? Come rest, recharge and reset in Luxury.

Have questions around the retreat? Drop your email in the box or email